Get to know more about us


Subarashii is an online clothing store that focuses on providing eco-friendly, bespoke fashion at affordable prices. Less than 11% of brands are implementing recycling strategies for their items. (Peppermint Magazine, 2019).

Here at Subarashii, our products are made from 100% recycled materials, sourced from suppliers and manufacturers that are appropriately certified.

We’re aiming to minimise the damage we do to the planet and help make the world a better place to live.

Our unique designs

The designer and owner of Subarashii, Suli Irshad hand draws all of the shirt designs. Taking inspiration from the world around him and any other quirky ideas that pop into his head.

The sketches are then scanned and improved upon digitally and sent to our manufacturer (within the UK) where the designs come to life.

All shirts are wrapped in recyclable plastic, and delivered with love and care.


Subarashii promise to it's customers is to always be inclusive of all people. We want to strive to give back to all communities anywhere we can.

Subarashii means 'wonderful' in Japanese. We are all wonderful and celebrating differences is what makes the world, people and experiences unique is a beautiful thing to be apart of.